#NoBorders Solidarity Walk September 17, 2022.

On Saturday September 17, around 40 people joined the #NoBorders solidarity walk from Whitespots Country Park to Helen’s Bay. We walked together, ate together and built solidarity & community.

Walkers included people from Belfast City of Sanctuary, End Deportations Belfast, United Against Racism, Barnardos, Tools for Solidarity, NI Council for Racial Equality, Larne House Visitors Group and many others. There were poetry contributions from Nandi Jola, Morgan Ventura Leathem and Viviana Fiorentino and Dean Lee finished on a story written about intersectional experiences of being a newcomer and the opportunities for friendship between our new communities and local people.

The message from the day was loud and clear; that people move and regardless of what passport or visa a person holds, it mustn’t lead to barriers in calling this place home or accessing citizenship or rights. It mustn’t lead to an invisible racist border, to closing borders to those who need protection around the world, or to immigration detention or deportation.

In total, £770 was raised to help Larne House Visitor Group carry out their vital work.

The next #NoBorders solidarity walk on Saturday 22nd April 2023.

#NoBorders solidarity walkers, the messages are clear.